Your running injury road to recovery

Your running injury road to recovery

Your running injury road to recovery:

When you are injured with the goal to get back to pain-free running, you often expect recovery to continuously progress without major disruptions. Just like a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, you have your map, expected time of arrival and your trusty car. Just like this road trip, your recovery might present with some unexpected hurdles. I recently recorded a podcast episode on this topic and thought I would share with you. Feel free to share your ‘road to recovery’ experiences and what you have learnt.

  • Is your car healthy enough for the long trip? If Sydney is 1000km and 10 hours, have the confidence your is strong enough for the journey. The same thing can be said for your recovery. Tune up your weak points, prioritise healthy sleep habits, diet and mindset.
  • Expect heavy traffic: Your 9-hour trip expends to 10 hours as you impatiently squirm in the driver’s seat and tightly grip the steering wheel. But trying to weave in and out of heavy traffic will increase the likelihood of a crash. Be safe and patient! Expect that your road to recovery might take longer than expected. Certain stages of your rehabilitation might take twice as long! However, just like traffic, you are still moving forward. Be patient!
  • Expect dead ends: Let’s hope it never gets to this point but if it is expected, the realisation is easier to deal with. With Sydney in sight you throw the map into the back seat and hit the accelerator only to make a wrong turn and hit a dead end. Your road trip comes to a screeching halt and you now have to back-track to see where you went wrong. This blows out your arrival time and often must resume a few steps back. This signifies a flare-up or a new injury in your recovery. It’s never fun. You find yourself back-tracking and sometimes starting from square one (If impatient sometimes starting back at square one multiple times). I feel your frustration. It’s good to know if you learn from every attempt, hold onto the map and don’t hit the accelerator, the likelihood of this happening diminishes.

Key take away. Expect the unexpected! Thanks for reading.

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