What I learnt from ‘Why we run’

What I learnt from ‘Why we run’

After surveying 25,000 runners, this study had a mission to find answers such as:

• How do runners describe the reasons why they run?
• Do certain types of people share common patterns in running motivation and behaviour?
• How do the people around us contribute to our running motives?

So for this blog I thought I would share what I learnt:

Runners cluster into 5 ‘types’:

1. Passionate Runners (14%): Showing an interest in psychosocial benefits of running like accomplishment and happiness.
2. Invested Runners (20%): Most likely to be race but are middle-of the pack in terms of experiencing social benefits.
3. Fitness Runners (22%): Rarely race, 50% run alone and run to support general health, body image and strength.
4. Mindful Runners (16%): They mirror the health and body-related motives over other types, although they resemble passionate runners by highly valuing psychosocial benefits of running like happiness.
5. Reluctant Runners (28%): Rarely compete in races and primarily run alone and perceive the fewest social or psychological benefits of all types.

After categorising these ‘types’ they found:

• The percentage of people within the ‘Fitness runners’ type to participate in a race was 26% compared to ‘Invested runners’ at 89%.
• 60% of runners in Types 1, 2, and 3 preferred running with others. While fewer than 13% of type 4 and 5 preferred running with others.
• 61% of ‘Passionate Runners’ felt the primary benefit of running was to connect with other runners and strengthen relationships, while only 3% of ‘Reluctant Runners’ felt the same.
• More than 80% of Passionate and Mindful Runners indicated running delivers happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Less than 50% of Fitness and Reluctant Runners felt the same.

Which type of runner were you, and what have you evolved into now?….

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