My top 3 running gurus to follow on twitter:

My top 3 running gurus to follow on twitter:

Let’s continue the conversation below and add people you love to follow on twitter. It’s time to start using our social media platforms as a helpful tool. A tool to gather useful information rather than a source of procrastination. Twitter is a great platform to follow running gurus and the most recent literature being published. Personally, I recommend building a ‘twitter list’. I have built one which currently has 43 members that I can click on and follow their posts without the other social media distractions. This blog will not cover athletes to follow for motivation (however that is also recommended). Instead, I will tell you my favourite physiotherapists and researchers to follow if you are interested in all things running:

  • @JFEsculier- Jean Francois ‘JF’ Esculier is from Quebec, Canada and works with The Running Clinic. He has a deep scientific background into injury prevention & treatment for runners. I have travelled to New Zealand to attend his weekend course and I was blown away by the knowledge and unbiased view JF delivers. JF does not cherry pick articles to support his beliefs, instead he complies all current literature on a topic before giving out advice. Follow JF for all information on running injury treatment and prevention.
  • @tomgoom – Tom Goom in a Physiotherapist from England and has in his bio ‘Fixing runners 1 blog at a time’. I first was introduced to Tom Goom after listening to several podcast interviews which featured Tom sharing his in-depth knowledge on all running injuries. Working alongside RunningPhysio, Tom hosts free webinars on running injuries and does a great job at simplifying conditions to runners without medical backgrounds.
  • @DrChrisBarton – Now someone a bit more local. Christian Barton works at La Trobe’s Sport & Exercise Medicine Research Centre and is one of the first running gurus I started following. I had the privilege of first listening to Dr Barton as a guest for our clinics development sessions and loved his vast knowledge for all things running. He is very engaged with several literature discussions on twitter and his opinions are well respected. On top of all his work he also has a big mission to make evidence accessible and implementable to all health practitioners.

I would love it if we keep this conversation going. So please add the people you love following on twitter and perhaps I can add to my twitter list.

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