How to take advantage of your race being cancelled

How to take advantage of your race being cancelled


The world has come to a halt in the past few weeks and we are facing greater concerns than running races. However, it is important to remain positive and proactive in these uncertain times so I thought I would find the silver lining to your race being cancelled.

I’ll start off with these three points:

  1. 1. Start addressing your injuries: A lot of runner’s train through injuries to prepare for a race. Some may back off the intensity to avoid flare-ups, but still never nurse their injuries to a symptom-free state. Back off your mileage, begin a well-structured rehabilitation program and start rebuilding your foundation. Now is a better time than any!
  2. Focus on your weak points: If you are not injured, you can probably still come up with a few weak points in your performance. Perhaps mid-race surges, hills, recovery strategies, slow but long distance, short and fast? Recognising and elevating these categories can assist your overall running game and make you a better, well-rounded performer. When training for a race we often get fixated on the same distance and energy requirements suited to that race. Time to shake it up.
  3. Finally start some strengthening: Your ‘I don’t have time for strengthening’ excuse is less relevant now. Even if you are house-bound, lunges, calf raises, bridges and squats are some great beginner exercises to help build strength. This can tie in with your rehabilitation exercises but strengthening can also help your running performance. Who knows, you might even start to enjoy it.

A lot of runners live on a race to race basis and lose focus on other alternatives to help performance. Not addressing the above topics is very common but I cannot think of a better time to re-evaluate your routine. Like I mentioned above please contribute to the discussion and let’s remain united. I wish you and your loved one’s safety and health in these uncertain times. Thanks for reading.

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