How the run smarter online course will help your running performance

How the run smarter online course will help your running performance

I am blown away with the number of runners who value the power of knowledge and have signed up for the online course. If you are not on the early-bird waiting list, Sunday the 31st of May is your last chance to sign up and take advantage of the discounted offer. But the course content is not just about recovering from injury. That is why I have put together a blog demonstrating the value the course can have towards improving your running performance. Here are 4 modules I thought I would share. I will include the sign-up link below:

1.) Gait Analysis Module: Runners should know the phases of the running cycle & individual variations in technique. These individual variations have different demands on the body along with changes in running terrain, age and speed. Knowledge on how all these change the demands on the body will give you insight into injury development, efficiency & overall performance.

2.) Shoe selection module: Learn about shoe characteristics and which shoe is best for you. Lighter shoes can help running efficiency and performance, but you need insight to not mis-managed shoe prescription. Many people make errors transitioning shoes which can sky-rocket injury probability. This module addresses all these topics.

3.) Strength & Conditioning Module: Learn about the latest evidence in S&C and improving running performance. The best approach is a tailored exercise program, but examples of strength exercises and how to implement them into your running week gives you an advantage above your running peers.

4.) Stress & Sleep Module: If you want to train hard, you need to recover hard. Implement strategies to boost your sleep & recovery. All runners wanting to elevate their running should learn the link between stress & performance.

If you have already signed up, get excited because all the content will be released Monday morning. If you have not and you are interested, learn more and to sign up click here. 


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