Are you a robust, fragile or anti-fragile runner?

Are you a robust, fragile or anti-fragile runner?

This idea came from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ‘Anti-fragile’ and I thought I would ask the question and spark some self-reflection.

It has been discussed for a long time between experienced clinical professionals and coaches, there are some runners who seem to always get injured and some who can grind themselves to the ground and seem unbreakable. This is without any rhyme or reason, no common characteristics, no measurable qualities.

This would separate people into robust & fragile runners. If you knock a vase off a table and it smashes, it could be ‘fragile’. If you knock a vase off a table and it does not smash, you could say it is robust. What about if you drop a vase and it becomes stronger because of the fall! This is anti-fragile!

The robust runners are rare, and it is out of your control. But you can make the decision to become fragile or anti-fragile. You can use moments of weakness or relapse as an opportunity to learn and grow. This blog doesn’t have answers, but self-reflect on a few questions:

1.) Are you encountering the same injuries repeatedly?

2.) Are you making the same mistakes and training errors?

3.) Are you actively learning from your mistakes & implementing countermeasures?

4.) Are you receiving advice from the right people with sound, clinical guidance?

5.) Are you blaming others for your setbacks? Take the next step to becoming anti-fragile.

Be proactive with your recovery & embrace the moments when you are thriving. If you do require correct advice on a topic, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

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