5 Ways this course will improve your running

5 Ways this course will improve your running

If you are already listening to the podcast, this course will be the podcast on steroids! The course content is days away from completion and with the amount of study I am doing to ensure the quality is world-class, it feels like I am back at university studying for exams. If you have not already, the best way to learn about release dates, keeping notified on course information & hear about the early-bird pricing will be to sign up to my mailing list. I cannot guarantee all information will pop-up on your social media so this will be the best way to contact you directly. I will share a link in the comments to the sign-up. When you do sign up you will also see a sneak peek from the course detailing 12 exercises to help patellofemoral pain!

To continue raising the hype for the course here are 5 ways the Run Smarter online course will improve your running:

1.) Learn the key components to managing your injuries: Have a deep dive, or a short review at the causes, risk factors, treatment options & running considerations for several common conditions. Modules including high hamstring tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, ITB syndrome and patellofemoral pain are currently added with more to come.

2.) Learn about the hidden dangers that can cause injury or hinder recovery: This is often overlooked by your physiotherapist but vital to learn if you are getting injured without a mechanical reason or if you are failing to recover from a chronic injury. Modules on sleep, stress and understanding the brain’s relationship with pain are ready to go.

3.) Increase your performance: If you want to elevate your running performance, learn how to handle more mileage, or become faster, there are several modules to learn from. In particular, videos on strength and shoe selection will be the perfect place to start.

4.) Preventative factors: The first step is building your knowledge, the next step is implementing what your learn. Making smarter decisions in your training is a huge step toward reducing your injury risk. Currently modules on running analysis, return to running protocols & understanding the development of tendinopathies will help build your resiliency.

5.) You will get a chance to interact with me directly: If you cannot find the answers you are after, get a chance to suggest future modules, ask me questions and interact with the podcast closer than ever before!

I am so excited to bring you this valuable content. All information will be available in video, audio and written text for you to retain information the best way you know how. Well done for taking the next step to becoming a better, healthier, smarter runner!


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